1, curriculum integration of Chinese and Western

School strictly implement the national Ministry of Education promulgated the "ordinary high school curriculum plan", in the setting of specific courses, fully reflect the characteristics of the national curriculum, to China course based on the the Ministry of education formulated national curriculum. so as to form the unique integration of curriculum system. And the corresponding curriculum implementation program is developed.  
The Chinese curriculum and the Canadian side of the course, the week class ratio of about 3:1. Canadian curriculum by teachers in class; main courses are: English Canada (Canadian Literature), sociology (Canadian history, geography and culture, occupation development, information technology), English writing (Western style writing), environmental (ecological and Environmental Science) 5 courses.  
In the course of construction, highlighting the foundation + features". The characteristics of Chinese curriculum are systematic, rigorous and deep, while the Canadian curriculum is more basic, flexible and advancing with the times. Therefore, the integration of Chinese and western curriculum system, more prominent foundation, highlighting the times, selectivity and international.  
In recent years, according to the needs of the development of students' personality, the school has set up a globally recognized English CAEL course, University AP course, basic English listening course, bilingual course of mathematics and chemistry, life education curriculum, etc..

2, cultural and educational integration of Chinese and Western

In addition the school has 1/3 teachers from Canada, teachers directly participate in educational activities, the school education is not only the teachers' curriculum integration, classroom, fusion, but in a large number of Chinese and Western cultural exchange, forming a common educational cultural environment. Some education activities, such as graduation ceremony, various festivals, student award and parents, the daily education and management and so on, are directly involved in foreign teachers, not only different in form, dress, color, but also has cultural compatibility in the content design.  
Schools often arrange foreign affairs activities, the board of directors of the Canadian provinces often invite the Minister of education, the university president, artist, pianist, judge, Canadian ambassador and consular visits to the school, to carry out cultural exchanges.  
Every semester, some students are organized to study in canada. These exchange students live in Canadian families, into high school classes. Not only learning English, but also a comprehensive study and experience.  
Domestic and foreign cooperative education, opened an international perspective, to promote students' understanding and tolerance of diversity, more conducive to independent thinking of students, is conducive to the development of students. The school also in many years in Canada and the United States together, in the process of educating people, to create the wisdom of education in the era of globalization.

3, study way and international standards
The highlight of CCSC is to break through the limitations of the current college entrance examination system in China, which can better reflect the quality education. After graduating from college, the vast majority of people do not participate in the college entrance examination, but through the school three years of academic performance and overall quality of the performance of foreign universities, which is consistent with the way foreign studies.
In the past few graduates, all students applying for foreign universities, such as Canada, the percentage of applying rate is 100%. Some outstanding students can be admitted to the world's top universities or professional. More than 50% of the students admitted to foreign universities receive scholarships, up to $more than 160 thousand. In terms of student enrollment and access to foreign university bonuses, CCSC has a special advantage.

4, double certificatesl, double Diploma
Since 1997, since the school, China and Canada took the lead in the implementation of dual school, double Diploma in the integration of Chinese and Western teaching mode. Chinese and Canadian school students have Chinese School and Canadian high school students, three years of high school system, and the implementation of credit system management. Students to participate in the provisions of the Chinese examination, the full set of credits, grades issued by Chinese high school diploma. Students are required to Xiuman Canada courses, pass the examination, the Ministry of Education issued the Canadian province of New Brunswick high school diploma. My school high school graduates choose to go to college is diversified, you can apply for domestic universities and foreign universities can choose.  
In July 2003, the national Ministry of Education designated our school for the new curriculum reform of the country's only contact school, the first in the country to implement the new curriculum standards.

Comprehensive use of the international most advanced interactive electronic intelligence board (smartboard) teaching. The new media into the classroom, the computer network teaching, classroom teaching. The teachers use the new media in class teaching to change the environment, increase the capacity of classroom knowledge, enrich the teaching content, make the classroom teaching better to interactive and heuristic teaching, autonomous learning transformation, new media teaching and more to promote the implementation of the new teaching idea.

6, the creation of AP courses (pre university courses)
Since 2009, on the basis of the development of bilingual teaching, the school has set up a global recognized international course for some outstanding students, the AP curriculum, which is the pre University course. AP courses set up, so that some of the outstanding students in the completion of the two countries after the high school curriculum, elective courses in some universities. Schools through the AP teaching, set up a bridge between high school and college courses, so that students have the opportunity to enter the world's leading universities.

7, school, graduation ceremony
CCSC hold a grand ceremony at the Great Hall of the people every year. The Canadian ambassador to China, New Brunswick China Minister of education, Ministry of education and Beijing municipal leaders issued a Diploma plus two to high school graduates, and to the high school students after graduation certificate issued by Canada. In high school graduates received a total of UNB University, Concordia University, University of Calgary, University of Toronto, University of Waterloo, York University, Columbia University, Clinton college, University, Saint Mary's University, Montreal Alison University of Saskatchewan, Corkery University, Mcgill University, St. Thomas University, University of Alberta, University of Mike musk, Ottawa University, University of Victoria, University of Western Ontario, Canada university admission notice. In addition to the students by US's University of Southern Calif, University of Nebraska, Boston University, University of Edinburgh Lincoln, Japan Tuozhi university admission and Australia and New Zealand national famous university, the average students were admitted more than three university.