Brief introduction of Lanzhou Wanhua Concord College of Sino-Canada       
Lanzhou wanhua sino-canadian international school in gansu province is the first sino-foreign cooperative nature of the new international school, is the ninth of china-canada education brand in domestic construction school.By the governments of both countries cooperation in running schools, cooperation in running schools of China for wanhua industrial group co., LTD., gansu province, the Canadian side for Canada's new Brunswick province department of education and Canada RBC education group.

Lanzhou wanhua sino-canadian international school site is located in lanzhou city qilihe district style line of the Yellow River, south binhe road is lanzhou municipal party committee, municipal government settled in qilihe horse beach culture island is the focus of investment projects.The school plans to invest 200 million yuan, will be completed in August 2015 and formally put into use.Schools absorb the essence of eastern and western culture, the essence of the fusion between Chinese and western education, and build with Chinese course is given priority to, adding courses for the integration of curriculum system, to promote Chinese and Canadian deep cooperation in education.Feeding yangjae investment education career, for society, is a Chinese education thoughts reflected, and wanhua practice corporation responsibility resolutely.Lanzhou wanhua sino-canadian international school is ready to work together with the social people from all walks of life to join hands in creating a better future.
Canada and the emperor education group
Canada RBC education group, headquartered in Toronto, Canada, is a physical education institutions, own Constellation in Toronto College, and establish the partnership with Canada's new Brunswick province government ministry of education, the common development of education undertakings, the sino-canadian school owns Beijing Canadian international school, Beijing, shenzhen (nanshan) sino-canadian school, shenzhen nanshan international schools added add school, hunan, anhui, guiyang to add new world international school, Harbin sheng Henderson sino-canadian school, lanzhou wanhua sino-canadian international school, and achieves education consulting co., LTD. (Beijing), shenzhen emperor education technology development co., LTD.

Canada RBC international education group has rich managerial experience, sino-canadian school has become the successful model of chinese-foreign cooperation in running schools, many times to get a many accolades, sino-canadian school graduates also received numerous provincial and foreign public university recognition and praise.Respects on July 7, 2003, the ministry of education, Beijing sino-canadian school specified as national contact school high school curriculum reform, it is to add a school, but also to add the emperor education group success of running a school.

The legal representative of the Canada RBC international education group, Dr Francis pang.Dr Peng is a Chinese Canadian, by three world famous university awarded the honorary doctorate, now for the United Nations educational, scientific and cultural organisation (UNECO) Asia Pacific director emeritus, won the foreign experts in Beijing in 2004, "the Great Wall friendship" which is also in Canada won the medal of the British queen's jubilee fund, philanthropy "golden maple prize".Its business in China has been 30 years, has been to support China's reform and opening-up policy.In China and Canada under the government's strong support, and Dr Peng emperor education group through years of exploration and practice, founded more than adding schools: 1996 Beijing sino-canadian school, in 2001, shenzhen (nanshan) add Canadian international school, 2006 Beijing embassy area, etc., in 2009, anhui sino-canadian school, add school in hunan province in 2010 and 2010, guiyang to add new world international school, Harbin sheng Henderson, schools, and international cooperation for China's education reform out of the mode of innovation.Dr Peng actively engaged in the communication of Chinese and foreign education system, including promoting Canadian inviting domestic important personnel to visit Canada, teaching in the Canadian education system and developments, etc.Dr Peng, who along with a number of the administrative department of education leadership visit to Canada, at the same time invited foreigners, including Canada's important officials and people's visit many activities such as education.
Brief of Wanhua industrial group co.LTD gansu province
Gansu wanhua industrial group was founded in December 12, 1998, the group headquarters is located in lanzhou city qilihe district south binhe road No. 1119, is located in the "three season there are flowers, evergreen, water wall mirror, tree with flowing water" style line of the Yellow River, covers an area of 50 mu.

Group business involves technology (iot technology research and application, digital remote sensing technology research and application), culture (cultural tourism development, cultural transmission), cars (the whole car sales and maintenance, spare parts sales and decoration), financial (mfis), education (Chinese learning and basic education), and other fields, in 2010, gansu private enterprises top ranked 10th in the list.

Corp. 's existing: wide line in tianjin science and technology co., LTD. Is a leading technology research and development of plate;To Shanghai golden wings bird cultural tourism development co., LTD., is leading the culture and tourism development of plate;In gansu wanhua automobile sales co., LTD. Is a leading automobile sales and service of the plate;And the Wanhua Group - USA, Inc., a total of more than 20 wholly owned and holding subsidiaries, and has investments in multiple industries.

In October 2011, approved by the academician experts station construction leading group in gansu province, gansu wanhua industrial group of experts workstation was formally established, jia-yao wang academician of Chinese academy of engineering and other five experts and scholars to guide the scientific research project.
In March 2012, approved by the lanzhou military region party committee, wanhua industrial group co., LTD. Has become a lanzhou military region only one information center station of scientific research enterprise.

Gansu wanhua industrial group co., LTD is a Chinese satellite navigation and positioning association, vice President of units, China association of private science and technology industrialist, vice President of units, China's RFID industry association director unit, jin merchants business association executive vice President of units in gansu province, gansu private science and technology industrialist association, vice President of units, automobile circulation association, vice President of the unit in lanzhou, lanzhou guangcai promotion association director unit, the standing committee of the chamber of commerce and industry in lanzhou.Group and affiliated companies actively committed to social public welfare undertakings, over the years has won all levels of government awarded "guangcai advanced unit", "advanced private enterprise", "top 100 private enterprises", "star enterprise", "good faith enterprise", the home of "model worker" and so on more than 30 titles of honour.